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Bone Density

Josier M. Nisnisan, MD -  - Internist

Royal Oaks Medical Home and Wellness Clinic

Josier M. Nisnisan, MD

Internist located in Sugar Land, TX

As many as 1 in 3 women and 1 in 5 men suffer from an osteoporotic fracture after age 50. Because you have an increased risk of bone loss as you age, Dr. Josier Nisnisan at Royal Oaks Medical Home and Wellness Clinic in Sugar Land, Texas, provides on-site bone density screenings. If you’re due for a bone density test, book an evaluation online or call either office.

Bone Density Q & A

Why is bone density testing important?

get only one set of bones, and once you start losing bone mass, you can’t get it back. In general, you start gradually losing bone in your 40s, though it can start even sooner. That’s why you often hear recommendations like calcium and vitamin D supplementation and a diet rich in dairy to ward off bone loss.

You need to get routine bone density testing to determine if you’re at risk of fractures because of bone loss. A bone density test is also useful for diagnosing osteoporosis and determining if osteoporosis medications may be right for you.

Bone density screening is essential for your overall health and well-being. By knowing your risk and understanding the severity of your bone loss, you can learn to make lifestyle changes to prevent fractures.

What happens during bone density screening?

Royal Oaks Medical Home and Wellness Clinic provides bone density scans right in the clinic, so you can get your testing done and meet with Dr. Nisnisan all under one roof.

Bone density screenings involve using specialized X-ray or ultrasound technology to capture detailed images of the pores in your bones — usually your hip, spine, forearm, or another area.

Most screenings require you to lie back comfortably on the exam table while the state-of-the-art system takes images. Once your bone density test is complete, the system gives you a T-score, which lets Dr. Nisnisan know if you have normal or low bone density or even osteoporosis.

How often do I need a bone density test?

You should get started on routine bone density testing at Royal Oaks Medical Home and Wellness Clinic if you’re over the age of 50 and suffer from a fracture.

For people who don’t have an injury and are otherwise healthy, Dr. Nisnisan encourages women to start bone density screenings after age 65, while men should start after age 70. Dr. Nisnisan may schedule you for bone density screenings every 1-2 years, depending on your bone health and fracture history.

Book your bone density screening at Royal Oaks Medical Home and Wellness Clinic today by clicking the online scheduler or calling the clinic nearest you.